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The Tradition of Aizu’s Excellent Hospitality

The Geigi of Aizu’s Higashiyama

The long history of Higashiyama’s geigi (geisha) includes unique traditions and performance arts which have been passed from senior geisha to their successors.

This history of these traditions extends as far as the Edo period.  This is a story that started with the clear stream of the Yugawa, and is set in a location like a scene from a movie. Imagine the sound of wooden sandals as a yukata clad figure strolls past: Higashiyama is the perfect travel destination.

  After your meal, enjoy listening to the song and dance of the Higashiyama Geigi.
A geigi can play all of the different roles, and will be assigned according to experience and location. In the parlor, the dancers are in the role of “Tachi-kata”. They are accompanied by shamisen, taiko-drumming, and song, provided by the geigi in the “Ji-kata” role. In the banquet hall, enjoy the arts the geigi have been trained in, including singing, dancing, and musical accompaniment.

◆Introduction to the Performances of the Higashiyama Geigi
「Daily Memorial」
 In 1986, The “Byakkotai” theme song was first broadcasted.
 The song itself has a sad, sweet melody. The geigi dance in time to the song.

「The Byakkotai」
 The dance is based on the story of the 16 and 17 year old Byakkotai soldiers who committed
 ritual suicide at Iimori-yama.

◆Higashiyama Geisha Participating Events

「Oyukake Festival」

 The Oyukake Festival is held every year, on August 10th. The wakashu and geigi
 walk around Higashiyama onsen town, sprinkling the audiences with water from the
 onsen, to raise everyone’s spirits. The geigi ride on top of a portable shrine, and
 throw lucky onsen water onto the crowd.

「Higashiyama Onsen Summer Village Festival/Higashiyama
 Bon-Odori (Higashiyama Geigi Evening)」

 Every year, the Higashiyama Bon-Ondori Festival is held during the Obon holiday
 season.Dressed in summer yukata, the geigi will dance to the rhythm of the
 traditional Aizu Bandaisan Meichoshi folksong.

◆Higashiyama Geigi Reservations and Rates
By all means, if you are staying at an onsen in Higashiyama, please contact the Higashiyama Geigi.
The geigi practice their art form daily. Information about reservations and fees is
listed below.

◆Standard Fee
1 entertainer: 90 minutes, 15,000 yen(tax not included)
(please pay before or after, according to the discretion of your hotel) 

※if you wish to extend your time, you may do so at 30 minute intervals.

To reserve, please apply directly with your hotel or inn.

Higashiyama Onsen Geigi-ya Cooperative
TEL:0242-27-8351(Business hours: 2:00pm-7:00pm)

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