The heart of the samurai spirit Inishie Yume Kaido (the avenue of long-gone dreams)
~ Walking Kenshi-no-Komichi (the samurai path) ~
The roughly 3 kilometer-long avenue goes between the entrance of Hiyashiyama Onsen (hot spring), eastside of the city, and Mt. Iimoriyama. At the foot of mountains along the avenue lies a narrow way called Kenshi-no-Komichi (samurai path) which leads to many historic remains and scenic sites.

Sazaedo Pagoda

An internationally unique building with double-helix staircases

The gravesite of Byakkotai
(White Tiger Brigade)
samurai youths

The final resting place of a group of 16 to 17-year old samurai youths who committed ritual suicide during the Boshin War (1868 – 1869)

Aizu Samurai Residences

The residential complex demonstrating how samurai families lived in the Edo Era

The Aizu Clan Lord Matsudaira Family Gravesite

One of Japan’s best daimyo (feudal lord) graves for its magnificent scale A huge stone monument reaching to 5 meters on each turtle-shaped grave stone is astonishing.