Backstage tour of Higashiyama geigi

(also known as geisha)

Introducing the backstage of geigi (geisha)
  • 16:30Arrival at a hotel in Higashiyama Onsen
  • 16:50Going out of the hotel for a geisha house, Hanayoshi (on foot or by car)
  • 17:00Arrival at Hanayoshi Watching how geigi make up and dress themselves. You can take photos.
  • 17:50Going back to the hotel

The history of Higashiyama’s geigi is long, dating back to the Edo Era. Since then, traditions and performing arts have been passed from senior geigi to their successors.
Geigi who dance before guests are called “tachi-kata” and those who play shamisen or drums, or who sing are called “ji-kata.”

  • An additional charge will apply if an interpreter is required.
  • Time: About 50 minutes
  • Reservation: At least 7 days before
  • Group size: 1 to 4 persons

Watch how geigi put on their kimono, wig, and make up, and prepare for a performance.
Why don’t you take a photo together with geigi at the end of the tour?